X- Floor by Sobo Floor renovation – resin bonded diamond concrete polishing X-Floor by Sobo.

Flooring solution perfect for flats, shopping malls, shops, schools, airports, railway stations, showrooms, churches and many other establishments.

X-Floor by Sobo is produced from the mechanical treatment of a surface with specific diamond tools. The process involves grinding, polishing and chemical strengthening of concrete floors.

X-Floor by Sobo is perfect when you want to renovate a worn out existing concrete floor and create a new, even, smooth concrete floor with increased resistance to abrasion. To strengthen, protect and give a shine to the top layer of the floor Bautech Terraseal and Terracoat is used.

X- Floor by Sobo offers:

  • Aesthetic concrete floor with a mirror effect and ‘shining’ appearance
  • Smooth and resistant to mechanical wear floor
  • High resistance to abrasion flooring
  • Increased strength parameters of the surface
  • Hardened and sealed concrete floor
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Ecological floor – Made without chemical coating forms on the surface which could later pollute the environment