EVOLUTION microscreed is most cost  and time efficient choice for commercial flooring.

Evolution is the answer for seamless, polished concrete flooring on raised access flooring .

Commercial properties, such as offices, shopping centres, bars and restaurants, all have different uses and functions. Raised access floor made it possible to embed in the flooring system the entire information and communications infrastructure and advanced fire and safety systems.

EVOLUTION microscreed flooring gives the desired polished concrete effect on access raised flooring, and to the best of our knowledge it is the first and the only poured flooring system suitable for raised access flooring on the UK market. Many people mistake EVOLUTION microscreed flooring with the power floated / polished concrete floors simply because EVOLUTION replicates polished concrete floors so well!

EVOLUTION is a lightweight, 3 mm thick, jointless, seamless, poured microscreed.  

EVOLUTION installation on raised access flooring has three steps:

Step 1 – Installation of 20 mm screed boards

Step 2 – Pouring the EVOLUTION microscreed

Step 3 – Sanding and sealing  

Total weight / loading of EVOLUTION system on raised access flooringis only 30.5 kg/sqm.

EVOLUTION microscreed flooring is offers a perfectly smooth seamless flooring which cannot be achieved by a hand trowel applied microcement.

EVOLUTION comes in variety of colours (shades can be adjusted to desired effect), and grantee high durability; its flexural strength at 28 days microscreed is >7MPa.  

EVOLUTION is very easy to maintain and compatible with commercial cleaning machines.

Fast installation time and a very competitive price places EVOLUTION microscreed in the top cost and time effective options for commercial flooring.

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