CTTR – Carpet tile tackifier removal with resin bonded diamond and pad buffing

diamond polished concrete - project oneResin bonded diamond and pad buffing is a great flooring solution in warehouses, commercial properties and industrial facilities while being cost-effective and abrasion resistant.

Carpet tile tackifier dries to a permanently tacky film for the removable fixing of loose carpet tiles.  Removal of the carpet tile tackifier can be challenging as chemical products can be highly hazardous and removal with scraper is almost impossible.

CTTR with resin bonded diamond and pad buffing by Sobo:

  • Uses grinding technology to remove the carpet tile tackifier
  • Align the floor while the carpet tile tackifiier is being removed
  • Can be applied to any floor with a concrete or sand/cement screeds base.
  • Performed on a floor with a concrete base gives X- floor by Sobo flooring finish.
  • Performed on a floor with a screed and self -leveling base gives a new, modern flooring with a ‘mirror like’ effect finish
  • Is cost effective
  • Is ecological as no chemical product are used

CTTR itself – performed by Sobo, prepares the floor for any desired flooring.