Here at SOBO, we are always striving for innovation and materials that will shape the future. For the past few years, we have been using ClaudiCemento microcement, a reliable and durable traditional microcement that we believe is one of the best on the market.

But now, ClaudiCemento has introduced READY MIX microcement – the revolutionary and superior microcement coating. This new formula has unique and advanced features that are setting new industry standards:

• It offers additional flexibility.
• It provides exceptional strength and durability, comprehensive strength after 28 is >50 N/mm2.
• It is waterproof even without a top seal, meaning there’s no need for solvent-based sealers. This results in an odourless installation and low VOC emission.
•  It has a beautiful concrete-like finish that is highly aesthetic.

All of these qualities make ClaudiCemento READY MIX a game-changer in the microcement industry.

In today’s world, microcement has become a popular choice for indoor and outdoor flooring and wall covering due to its modern look and versatility. However, traditional microcement products have limitations, particularly when it comes to flexibility and waterproofing.

ClaudiCemento Ready Mix offers 30% more thermal permeability than other flooring materials like wood or tiles. It comes in different grades:

• Base (thick grain)
• Deck (medium grain)
• Fine (thin grain)

This variety ensures that ClaudiCemento Ready Mix suits various needs, applications, and desired finishes. It also offers a wide range of modern colors to choose from, allowing you to achieve your desired aesthetic.

Thanks to its enhanced formula, ClaudiCemento Ready Mix can be applied to almost any surface, making it highly versatile and compatible with other ClaudiCemento products. Whether you need to install it on irregular substrates, tiles, surfaces with movement issues or cracks, or even on substrates with moisture problems like basements or outdoor areas, we at SOBO, with the ClaudiCemento system, have the expertise to fix it all and install it using the appropriate substrate preparation ClaudiCemento products.

With the enhanced revolutionary product comes a slightly higher price, but it is all worth it as its superior properties guarantee long-lasting durability and exceptional results.

Choose SOBO installers and ClaudiCemento Ready Mix and experience the future of microcement with its innovation, durability, and superior features.

Get ready to transform your spaces with style and convenience!