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Microcement in a bathroom

Microcement ClaudiCemento Fine, medium grey, matt finish by Sobo.


Microcement Deck at Uncommon co- working office space.

Microcement ClaudiCemento Deck, bespoke colour at Uncommon co- working office space at 126 New King’s Road, SW6 4LZ.


Microcement flooring • light grey • matt finish

ClaudiCemento Microcement Deck, matt finish by Sobo Design.  


Polished concrete – Rapid

Polished concrete – Rapid by Sobo can be used as the finishing or levelling layer for worn our, used and existing concrete floors. With this product, you can even out  different types irregularities on the substrate. It  is a very […]


Microcement in your kitchen – matt finish

micro in your kitchen

Microcement is one of the most modern, elegant, sophisticated, rustic materials. Due to its flexibility and wide range of colours and varieties of textures it allows you to create unique spaces, floors, walls  and furniture covered with a material that […]


Modern kitchen floor silk finish

silk finish

Microcement can give your house a unique, beautiful and contemporary look you are looking for! Grey microcement, silk finish, kitchen floor installation.


Microcement in wet room & bathroom furniture microcement coating

grey micro

Microcement is a versatile product that is available in a range of textures, tones and colours. Can be applied in wet rooms , floors and walls. SOBO Design also specialises in bespoke concrete casting and microcement furniture coating.


Office furniture coated in light grey microcement


Make your interior modern and stylish ! Micorcement which is a very thin finishing decorative coating works perfectly on floors , walls as well as furniture !  


Ultima DST by Sobo Design – matt finish

Ultima DST by Sobo Design - matt finish.

Ultima DST by Sobo Design – matt finish. Sobo concrete flooring can have many finishes; with the use of appropriate tools and procedures our concrete floors have different levels of matt concrete finish, or even mirror like finish.   


Microcement floor in very light grey, gloss finish

light grey micro

Polished concrete and microcement are primarily associated with dark grey colour, however the choice of microcement colours is unlimited. Microcment by Sobo in very bright shades of grey visually enlarges any room, while dark colours are very easy to maintain […]