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Microcement your world

ClaudiCemento Microcement on the floor, walls, furniture and stairs.


Cast Concrete kitchen island and worktops

Concrete is a symbol of durability. In recent years concrete has become a top desired material by interior designers and is considered as a premium material. SOBO offers high-quality GRC concrete with the best parameters.    


Microcement Rustic Pattern effect

Microcement is very versatile which allows to achieve many different patterns, finishes and effect.


Polished Concrete Rapid flooring

Polished Concrete Rapid flooring in an open space kitchen, living area and a hall.


Microcement in a bathroom.

ClaudiCemento microcement by Sobo installed in a bathroom, wet room and steam room. Microcement installation on the walls, floors and ceiling.


Kitchen units, splash back and worktop in microcement


ClaudiCemento microcement by Sobo installed on kitchen units, splash back and kitchen worktop.


Microcement in a bathroom

ClaudiCemento microcement installed on the floor, walls and in a shower by SOBO.


Microcement in offices

ClaudiCemento microcement DECK installed by Sobo, grey colour with solvent based sealer installed in an office building in London. Microcement is a perfect solution in both commercial and residential properties.


Polished Concrete Rapid-Deco, cast concrete kitchen island and countertop

Concrete Case and Polished Concrete RAPID flooring by SOBO. Concrete countertops and kitchen islands  can not only increase your house aesthetic but also improve the house’s resale value since Concrete it is considered to be a premium material. At Sobo […]

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