DECO Polished Concrete Flooring by SOBO is the highest quality polished concrete flooring which is characterised by its  durability, uniqueness and high level of aesthetic appeal. Our DECO flooring has three variants; Rapid DECO, Rapid and DST.

DECO flooring is offered in three options:

  1. Polished Concrete Rapid DECO  flooring – is 14 – 16 mm thick, it is a unique system of polished concrete – the only one on a market which is able to replicate a power floated polished concrete with a thickness of only 10 mm. Our Rapid DECO system is offered in 26 colours, can be installed in 5-6 days and guarantees high durability, easy maintenance and great aesthetic finish.
  2. Polished Concrete RAPID polished concrete – 10 – 12 mm thick be used as a new flooring or as a finishing or levelling layer for worn our, used and existing concrete floors. With this product, you can even out different types of irregularities on the substrate. It  is a very fast method. The mass creates a continuous and smooth surface. The layers can be  further modified and polished or kept as the final wear layer. Once polished and sealed it gives a very sophisticated, aesthetic finish. It is perfect for restaurants, shops, and apartments. 8 main colours – Natural, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Brown.
  3. Polished Concrete DECO DST – Dry Shake Topping  monolithic polished concrete –  provides a hard wearing surface for use in warehouses, garages, workshops and sidewalks, driveways and car parks. DST system can be a perfect solution for issues you may be currently encountering such as the floor cracking, breaking up and becoming uneven, which can result in expensive repairs and financial loss.
    Our DST  industrial flooring ensures that none of the above will happen again and guarantees:
  • High Wear resistance
  • Heavy duty performance
  • Antistatic
  • Sealed and dust-proofed surface
  • Colour range
  • Maintenance free
  • Cost effective
  • Fast track